Redefining our cities, one neighbourhood at a time

We invest in affordable rental housing in well-located urban precincts with scale. This enables us to deliver market-beating returns for our investors, while making a significant positive social and environmental contribution.

Delivering residential precincts as an attractive asset class

Well-located, affordable housing in amenity-rich precincts offer investors stable, countercyclical, and inflationary hedged returns. We believe that investing in better cities is one of the highest impact for-profit investment opportunities available today.

Read more about our investment case here.

Genuine ESG beyond compliance and “greenwashing”

Although we’re a for-profit property investment company, the nature of what we do, and how we do it, means that we can make a genuine positive impact. Our ESG credentials go far beyond the universal claims made by others.

Read more about our approach to ESG and Impact here.

Our structure

The Divercity Group comprises four intertwined functions. These functions are entirely contained within the group to avoid value and fee leakage and ensure optimal cross-functional collaboration.

The group and fund management function provides strategic guidance and leadership to the business.

This function optimises net income streams from the property assets under management. Divercity houses residential asset management internally and outsources commercial asset management to Atterbury, and our internal team is intimately involved with all assets, both residential and commercial.

The property management function runs the day-to-day operations of all property assets, within the constraints of the budget set by the asset manager and approved by the board. Divercity’s wholly-owned property manager is an industry leader with over 20 years of experience in managing residential rental property.

The role of the developer is to identify, cost, approve and manage developments and acquisitions end-to-end.

Divercity’s development team have delivered over 5,000 affordable residential apartments on time and on budget.