Our precinct investment approach creates pockets of urban excellence which support stable income yields and long-term capital growth – creating an ideal asset class for long-term investors like pension funds who require stable, inflation-hedged investments.


R3 billion gross asset value

  • Sustainable and attractive assets
  • Weighted average NOI yield of 9.5%


R1.5 billion secured pipeline

  • Future secured pipeline supports growth
  • High quality residential precincts in major economic nodes


6500+ apartments

  • Diverse portfolio of high-quality, well-located and affordable apartments
  • Significant management economiesof scale due to internalised model

Why investors choose Divercity

Defensive NOI

During economic downturns, the demand for our affordable (yet high quality) offering increases, providing resilient net operating income for investors.

ESG at the core

With a track record in advancing ESG, we take a sustainability-first, and long-term integrated view of investments.

Inflationary hedge

Well-located residential property has proven to be a natural inflation hedge, as it is a basic need that is prioritised and prized.

Demand and scale

Due to the significant and unmet demand for well-located affordable housing, we’re able to effectively deploy large tranches of investor capital.

What sets Divercity apart?

We diversify from city-specific risks by developing precincts in major metropolitan nodes across South Africa, providing well-located and affordable rental housing.

Our acquisition of Ithemba Property Development and our partnership with shareholder Atterbury means we have the key expertise needed to deliver market-beating returns.

Our fully internalized model prevents fee-leakage and ensures that shareholders and management are aligned, while economies of scale mean a decreasing marginal management cost as the fund grows.

The demand for this type of housing coupled with the rise of residential as an investment grade asset class means we can deploy large sums of capital. Our stable portfolio of high-quality yielding assets plus prudent capital and financial management expertise drives our sustainable growth.

By virtue of what we do, our business model has ESG at its heart. We’re committed to delivering broad stakeholder value in an ethical way, with an emphasis on good governance as we make a positive impact on the environment and society.