Shaping our emerging asset class, together!

Divercity Urban Property Group is proud to be a founding member of the South African Multifamily Residential Rental Association (SAMRRA). This association consists of 13 members who collectively represent over R40bn in property assets and a portfolio of over 75,000 residential units across South Africa.

We are also pleased to share that our CEO, Carel Kleynhans, is on the board of this influential group.

The launch of SAMRRA is a significant step forward in growing the multifamily residential rental property sector in South Africa. This asset class includes housing units built to be rented, such as apartment buildings and housing complexes, which are typically managed by expert residential property operators. Multifamily residential properties are globally recognised for their consistent long-term income. For this reason, the specialist property sector is well-established and well-regarded by investors in developed markets like the US, UK, and Europe.

Although South Africa is relatively new to investing in apartments for rent, this alternative real estate asset class has great potential for exponential growth in the coming years. As members of SAMRRA, we are united in addressing the need for high-quality, affordable homes – a demand driven by rapid city growth, rising middle-class numbers, affordability challenges and a general shortage of housing.

Like our fellow SAMRRA members, Divercity is committed to developing and managing rental housing units that offer sustainable and social benefits effectively and with excellence for stakeholders. We aim to shape this emerging asset class into one with resilience and significant appeal for investors.

SAMRRA’s core values focus on advocating for transparent governance and sharing information regarding social outcomes, environmental responsibility and economic impact. It aims to work closely with regulatory bodies, government entities and other associations to represent our collective voice.

Divercity supports SAMRRA’s goals of sustainable investment strategies, steady financial returns and high stakeholder satisfaction.

As we take part in industry events such as the upcoming national showcase tour, we welcome longstanding partners and new parties to explore the benefits of multifamily residential living in our vibrant property market.

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