More reasons to love the place you live

More reasons to love the place you live
At the forefront of Divercity’s ethos is the continuous development of our community which means that we are always looking for opportunities and creative ways to uplift our residents as well as bring colour and excitement to the spaces they live in. As part of this effort, one of the initiatives we introduced early this year was the Jewel City Movie Night hosted every second month.

Residents of Jewel City and surrounding community members are invited to an open screening of movie hosted on the lawns outside The Onyx. The movies are chosen by Jewel City followers through polls posted on our various social media platforms to increase community engagement. Followers are also given opportunities to enter giveaways that run concurrently with the events. Some of the prizes are sponsored by businesses operating in the Jewel City precinct to further drive community partic


The movies are hosted on a big screen and movie-goers are treated to themed goodies per event such as free popcorn, Easter eggs and blankets to sit on during the screening.

With initiatives like Movie Night, it is a priority to create opportunities where residents can assimilate themselves into their living space and truly feel at home.