The art and science of vibrant communities

The art and science of vibrant communities

Divercity had the pleasure of sponsoring Open Studios Joburg, an initiative by the META Foundation that seeks to unite Johannesburg through people and culture.

The two-day event that ran from 28-29 May 2022 comprised of seven art buildings in the inner city housing the works of close to 100 local artists. Open to the public through free registration, visitors were given the opportunity to meet the artists, interact with the artworks and fully immerse themselves in the world of Johannesburg’s Artscape through a rich programme of performances, activations, exhibitions, and design. Visitors could easily explore these studios and buy works directly from the artists.

Sites at the event included: Transwerke Studios, Living Artists Emporium, August House, Ellis House, Bag Factory Artists’ Studios, Breezeblock and Victoria Yards.

With the event spread across multiple venues, secure parking was available along with a free shuttle service provided for those looking to take in every bit of these inspiring spaces without feeling pressed for time.

Citygoers were given an opportunity to have an elevated experience of Johannesburg and discover the hidden gems that reside in some of the historical buildings situated in the CBD. As one of the world’s leading art cities, Johannesburg has a vibrant network of creators and studios that bring life to the world of art and design. Through these spaces, the gap between artists and their audiences has been bridged by creating environments where both can interact with each other further cultivating modern art culture.

Open Studios Joburg aligns with Divercity’s vision of revamping the inner city into a lively community where people can live, play and work in their neighbourhood. An overall transformation of the city’s redevelopment not only includes refurbishing buildings into affordable housing with exceptional design but facilitating projects that have a positive impact on the city and the people who live in it.
With over 2000 people attending the event, Open Studios Joburg acts as a platform for citizens to network and engage in a culture that is people-driven and centered around deepening the bond between art and life in the city.

Johannesburg’s vibrant art culture has notably evolved over the years with many events spread across the social South African calendar and Open Studios Joburg seeks to further drive the development of the art space in the inner city.